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Specialized Sessions & Rates

Change Your Life

The fees listed below are for private pay. We accept all major credit cards. At this time, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance plans.

Counseling Sessions

Our standard rate per 55-minute session is $160. A sliding scale is available, depending on financial needs.

Intake/Mental Health Assessment

Intake/Mental Health Assessment fee is $200.

Substance Use Assessment

Substance Use Assessment fee is $200.

How Does Private Pay Work?

Some of the benefits of not using insurance are:

  • Increased confidentiality – Your personal information or diagnosis is not accessible to your employer, doctors, or other healthcare providers (unless you give permission).

  • No diagnosis required – A diagnosis does not have to be given to justify you being in therapy.

  • Insurance company does not dictate terms of treatment – Length of treatment and type of treatment is not dictated by insurance companies which gives us the freedom for individual healing based on your specific needs.

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